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What is a Drop Kit?


A Drop Kit is a first aid kit for your bad day. When your day drops from a manageable state into a less pleasant one, this collection of care products can help you back where you belong. Drop Kits can be completely unique and personal. Start with a simple bag, then fill it with items that bring you comfort and smiles.

TheDropKit.com offers complete luxurious kits, carefully selected collections of top-of-the line products, designed to suit a variety of tastes. We also sell individual personal care products to mix and match and add to your own personal Drop Kit.

What is Drop?

Have you ever had an intense date or a fun-filled weekend that left you floating on a happy cloud, only to find yourself down in the dumps just a few days later? You might have experienced drop.

Drop is simply the transition from an exciting moment back into ordinary life. During an intense moment, the body produces endorphins, chemical signals to the brain which activate feelings of happiness and excitement. When the endorphins return to their ordinary levels, the feelings of happiness and excitement also disappear, sometimes leaving the body feeling lethargic, and the mind feeling rather depressed.

The more intense and exciting a moment is, the greater the potential for a painful drop. If you regularly indulge in intense activities, it couldn’t hurt to be prepared for drop.

Each Drop Kit sold by TheDropKit.com includes a small guide to drop, which describes several different relaxation exercises that can treat drop.

What Drop is Not:

Drop is NOT a disease or medical condition. It is not a sign of emotional weakness or mental illness. If you experience feelings of lethargy or depression not associated with any previous intense activity, or find that such feelings persist, please talk to your doctor.

The information included here is not intended to diagnose or treat any sort of medical condition, disease, or illness. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.